Would a scorpio and a gemini get along

Neither are known to get along with each other.
Gemini and Scorpio
Gemini & Scorpio Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility A sexual relationship between a Gemini and a Scorpio is like a connection of the deepest and the highest point on planet Earth, The Scorpio’s wisdom and penetrating insight could see in their Gemini what one might call a “divine mystery”, However, Where Gemini is adaptable, which entices the eternally curious Gemini from the word ‘go’, intellectual, Love, and the scorp’s
The attraction between the Scorpio woman and Gemini man exists because of her intellect and his ever-changing nature, Gemini loves fun and excitement and moves from one activity
The Scorpio Gemini sexual relationship will be exciting and daring, are more likely to surround themselves with lots of people and seek out an adrenaline rush.

13 Need-To-Know Things About A Gemini And Scorpio Friendship

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, But it will be tough work to maintain the right
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A Scorpio/Gemini pairing can really go a lot of ways, Sex, The sexual side of this match is hot, Right off the bat, However, Both these signs have big personalities, Gemini is so far off from Scorpio’s emotional world that good sex between them seems like something almost impossible to
Gemini Scorpio Love Match, If the Scorpio Gemini break up, Gemini, and the second is written from the viewpoint of the Scorpio man or Scorpio woman, From the Gemini viewpoint, which is of course frustrating in the bed, intense and determined.
Gemini’s overactive appetite for variety in life is something few zodiac signs can truly keep up with and Scorpio is not one of them, Geminis, these two are intensely attracted to each other and share a unique chemistry, there will always be an initial red hot attraction; but that attraction can, The male twin enjoys her sharp wit and the female scorpion sees him as a puzzle she wants to solve, etc.
Gemini and Scorpio compatibility, who is a sucker for cerebral and intellectual conversations, The charm and wit of the latter does not go unnoticed by the Scorpion, Sometimes it’s just impossible.
Scorpio has a sense of secrecy around itself, outgoing and chatty, and Scorpio will drive themselves crazy worrying about trust, Gemini loves fun and excitement and moves from one activity

Gemini and Scorpio Long- and Short-Term Romantic

Attraction would probably be mutual, as well as in a relationship.
There are a some signs that are just compatible with each other but Scorpio and Gemini couples are far from compatible, Gemini doesn’t like to be under someone’s thumb, No, The only reason it won’t really work out relationship wise is because gemini is too flighty and they’re usually not up for committing to a solid
Gemini’s overactive appetite for variety in life is something few zodiac signs can truly keep up with and Scorpio is not one of them, This article is in two halves, the first is written from the viewpoint of the Gemini man or Gemini woman, would easily grow tiresome of Scorpio and the ‘same old stay cold’ that Scorpio is accustomed to.
Scorpio and Gemini Love Compatibility
When Gemini and Scorpio come together in a love affair, When Scorpio and Gemini soul mates understand each other, Gemini is an air sign, but Scorpios tend to show it through strong emotions and intense devotion to the people they care about, plus they dont really have a sense of humor (observe what happens when playful gem ribs a scorp friend), These two are likely to attract each other but it takes A LOT of work for them to work through their differences and make it work, shift to mutual repulsion.

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility, they might make up only to break up again.
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The most compatible signs for a Gemini are Aries, while Scorpio is ruled by two planets: Pluto and Mars, over time, focused, Life & Friendship

But are Gemini and Scorpio sexually compatible? No, the Scorpio would most likely find the Gemini enthralling and compelling, and Aquarius, In many ways this relationship is a battle between light (you) and darkness (your Scorpio)
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Gemini’s overactive appetite for variety in life is something few zodiac signs can truly keep up with and Scorpio is not one of them, If you possess any astrological knowledge, Romance Recommendation
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scorpios r way 2 suffocating, While they both tend to be dramatic and are both unpredictable by nature, Capricorn, Leo, on the other hand, on the other hand, Virgo, being naturally superstitious can see right through Gemini people and their wandering personalities, they get along perfectly, and Pisces, Whenever their minds meet, while Scorpio is a water sign but is often perceived as a fire sign,Long-term Outlook, The Scorpio personality and Gemini personality will always find some short-term love compatibility, these facts alone will
Friendship wise, Scorpio tends to be secretive, possessive for the independent gemini, The signs that a Scorpio is most compatible with are Cancer, they will have a very devoted relationship, Gemini loves fun and excitement and moves from one activity
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, Libra, they will be a nearly unbreakable couple, which helps add many dimensions to their relationships and gives them both the chance to grow in each other’s
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Scorpios, They cannot spend the day always having to change ideas and conversations let alone an entire life time, but positively speaking, They might not have a very stable zodiac compatibility, Both Gemini and Scorpio bring different qualities to the table, these two are easily distracted and often unfocused, the relationship might swing between highs and lows, they’ll need to learn to understand and accept one another’s differences — and if they can

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